About Us


Suzanne and Hank

We own and operate Olivenhain Guest Home. This is not so much a job for us as it is a calling. We live our lives with the residents day in and day out.

We are hands on managers, involved with every aspect of care delivery.

Both of us had parents who needed help in their later years. Suzanne’s mother had Alzheimer’s, her father, stroke-induced dementia. Hank’s mother needed help after her husband died. She lived in Hank’s home on and off for ten years.

It is difficult to find a warm, caring home for a loved one who has cared for children all their lives. We have made such a place available for others in need.

Olivenhain Guest Home provides love, laughter, song and dance for its residents no matter how handicapped they become. Hank is a physical therapist, Suzanne, a family counselor. They meet the physical and emotional needs of the residents and family members.

“Our deepest and most sincere thanks to you and your staff. You are a remarkable person gifted with care and compassion to serve patients and family members during difficult periods of transitions of life…The most comforting factor has been to see and appreciate the continuous assistance and diligence with which Anita was provided…” The Teeter Family

“It is comforting to know that are mom is loved and is getting great care at Olivenhain Guest Home. You are very compassionate and caring…” Lucy E.