Fun Activities To Do With Your Loved Ones in Dementia Care

By RanchView Senior Assisted Living
May 28, 2021

You and your family members can enjoy several fun activities with a loved one in dementia care at a memory care community. Think about what they liked to do in the past and prioritize those they can still do today. Here are some fun activities for everyone to enjoy together.

Listen To Music

Listening to music connects with patients at all stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It can be soothing to those who easily become agitated and help improve any behavioral issues. Often the patient will sing along to familiar lyrics or recall happy memories associated with the song. You can talk with him or her about the event they are remembering and connect through that memory.

It is best to choose a music source that doesn’t have commercial interruptions, as those can cause confusion. Select something you know he or she will enjoy and encourage dancing or clapping to the tune. Make sure to keep the volume down and turn off any other competing sounds like a television or noise from an open window or door.

Play a Game

Games are mentally stimulating for everyone, including those with dementia. Keep to simple ones that he or she has enjoyed in the past, such as bingo, dominos or a card game. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients also enjoy playing a round of trivia using visual playing pieces such as photos of old movies, television actors, buildings or events.

Consider creating a customized trivia game with photos of family members and past events that will encourage him or her to remember fun times. You both will enjoy reliving the experience and hearing each other’s memories of the events.

Create Art

Art brings people together. Working on an art project allows dementia patients to express themselves and gives them a feeling of pride and accomplishment when it is completed. If your loved one enjoyed painting in the past, you could bring in a small easel and a tray of colorful paints to allow the patient to paint something visible at the memory care community, such as a tree, fountain, or person.

If the patient used to knit or crochet, it could be soothing for him or her to work on a basic pattern like a scarf or a potholder. This activity can help spark the memory of your loved one and give him or her a feeling of purpose if the finished product is given away as a gift or a donation. It will be especially meaningful if you and other family members are in the same room working on a project and may remind the patient of times participating in a knitting circle with friends.

These fun activities are ones you can enjoy with your loved ones who are receiving dementia care. They may also help the patient recall some fond memories and help you to spend time with him or her in a relaxed setting.

Since 1996, the Olivenhain Guest Home has provided exceptional care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our experienced team enriches patients’ lives by engaging them in games, music therapy and art projects. Contact us today to learn more about us or to schedule a tour.


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