How to Incorporate Movement Throughout Your Workday

By RanchView Senior Assisted Living
September 18, 2023

There has been a fair amount of media buzz lately concerning the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting, especially day in and day out, over a lifetime. Even if someone has a relatively active lifestyle, sitting for hours (as many of us with desk jobs do) can have damaging long-term health effects. One way to combat these negative impacts is by taking mini-movement breaks throughout the day. Below are some suggestions for incorporating a movement break into your workday.

Four Ideas for Mini-Movement Breaks

Walking Meetings

If you have a meeting with just one other colleague, see if they would be open to taking a walk while you talk! While this idea might sound unusual, it is growing in popularity throughout companies and businesses worldwide. The more we normalize incorporating movement into the workday, the less unusual walking meetings will seem. If you have a virtual meeting, telephone call, or Zoom meeting, try to find a way to walk or stand during these meetings. Many people report they can think better while walking!

Take the Stairs!

This is pretty self-explanatory and an adage that has been around for a couple of decades. Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Intentionally incorporate stairs into any routes you need to take during your workday, whether you’re using the restroom or getting to the cafeteria. Take the stairs at a brisk pace for a short cardio burst. These small moments of intentional, extra movement can go a long way over a lifetime.

Voice Dictation for Written Work

If you need to write a longer email, are drafting a paper, or have any other piece of writing you need to produce, consider doing this while walking and using voice dictation software. Most smartphones nowadays have built-in voice dictation software that is known to be quite accurate. There are also voice dictation devices and software available for purchase. While you will need to edit your document, walking while dictating is an excellent way to get your thoughts flowing and get some movement in while doing it!

Wellness Walks

If your workplace has any designated wellness walks or short paths that feature a natural landscape, take advantage of these! Take a 5 to 15-minute wellness walk break in the morning, one after eating during your lunch hour, and one in the afternoon. These short wellness walk breaks will get your blood flowing and likely improve your productivity throughout the rest of the day.

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Stay tuned for our sister site BayView Senior Assisted Living’s next blog post which will feature a few more ideas for mini-movement breaks to improve circulation, clarity, and wellbeing throughout your workday!

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