Personal Reflections on Elder Care Communities

By RanchView Senior Assisted Living
April 20, 2023

As a communications manager who works professionally for senior living communities, I often think about residents' experiences in assisted living. Recently, however, I've also been reflecting on elder care communities as my grandmother moved into a residential assisted living facility. This assisted living facility has five rooms and cares for individuals with various needs, including people with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Like it is for many families, the decision for my grandmother to move to a care community was complicated. When my grandpa passed away last year, my grandma moved in with her family. However, as her health declines, it's become clear that meeting her needs in a home setting will become increasingly difficult.

The Decision to Move to Assisted Living

Many details, large and small, go into choosing where a loved one will live. Though we might be generally aware of what this decision entails, the topic is only discussed if a family is in the midst of it. Below are some reflections as my grandma has transitioned to assisted living.

Family members often hope to visit and call elderly loved ones as often as possible. But unfortunately, family members often feel their efforts fall short of what they or their loved one would hope for. It's also common for a family to feel guilt about moving a loved one into a caring community. Many families, including the elderly residents themselves, however, report feelings of relief and clarity after they've made the move.

Advantages of Assisted Living

When someone can no longer perform many activities of daily living, the ability to form a team whose primary purpose is to care for them takes significant pressure off of family members. Of course, finances are a major consideration, especially as individuals age and need increased care and services. Putting together all the necessary care while an individual lives at home can be more costly and take significantly more coordination than moving into an assisted living community.

On the other hand, a rhythm of services, care, and other tasks can be provided more efficiently in a communal setting. A comprehensive care team is best utilized when serving more than one person. The service is largely on-call and therefore is more efficient when available to several people (in the case of my grandmother's assisted living facility, five residents) instead of only one.

Personalized Care at RanchView Senior Assisted Living in Encinitas, CA

While the communal setting of a care facility is advantageous, it's also important for each resident's preferences and needs to be considered. For example, RanchView provides a varied menu of gourmet meals and refreshments prepared by an on-site professional culinary staff. The culinary staff uses fresh, organic ingredients, and meals are tailored to the residents' unique preferences.

RanchView's activities team creates a monthly structured program to meet residents' needs. Socializing, cognitive interaction, and stimulation of the mind, body, and spirit are encouraged. Within these structured activities and the schedule for the day, residents can choose what they'd like to participate in.

RanchView’s Amenities

From beautiful rooms to lush landscaping to a highly skilled care team, RanchView provides a wide variety of amenities designed to deliver compassionate care and enrich the lives of each resident. In addition, RanchView boasts a spacious outdoor patio area that is great for visits, outdoor activities, and weekly live music. RanchView's caring staff is carefully screened and hired to serve residents with compassion, integrity, and a commitment to their comfort, safety, and holistic health.

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