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By RanchView Senior Assisted Living
February 22, 2023

RanchView Senior Assisted Living is a family-owned and operated independent assisted living community in Encinitas, California. Our owners have firsthand experience of having loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia and know all that goes into making decisions around memory care with a loved one. We walk alongside families as they traverse the difficult road of Alzheimer’s and have supported the greater San Diego community for decades.

Celebrations in Memory Care Communities

While celebrations might look slightly different than at home, there are many opportunities for celebrations in memory care and assisted living communities. For example, we love celebrating birthdays with the members of our communities! This includes our members’ own birthdays or their family members' birthdays. For example, just recently, our fantastic staff decorated a member’s room beautifully for her to enjoy a birthday celebration with her husband.

What are some special considerations when planning birthday celebrations for older individuals living in assisted-care communities? Here are a few things we've learned over our many years of serving elderly populations in Southern California!

  1. Personal Preferences:: We focus on individualized care in our assisted living communities. This means we recognize that each member has unique preferences, life histories, and experiences. We keep in mind the wishes and desires of each resident when helping them plan celebrations. If they are hesitant or unsure of what type of party they'd like, here are a few simple options: a lunch or high tea with loved ones, a cake, and a small celebration in a shaded outdoor area, decorating a client's room with a banner and some balloons.
  2. Incorporate Familiar Traditions: Even when an individual is experiencing cognitive decline, they can often remember songs and traditions from when they were younger. If the family is involved in a birthday celebration, they might want to incorporate songs or music that the member has enjoyed throughout their life.
  3. Include Loved Ones Whenever possible, most clients in assisted living will want to celebrate birthdays with their loved ones. Birthdays and other celebrations present fantastic opportunities for caregivers to facilitate meaningful interactions between residents and their loved ones.
  4. Safe Decorations: When decorating for an older individual, especially an individual impacted by Alzheimer's, it's important to consider the safety of decorating items. Make sure to consider tripping and injury hazards.
    1. Are any decorations posing a tripping hazard (e.g., ribbon attached where someone could run into it, free-floating balloons that could obstruct a pathway)?
    2. Could any of the decorations break or potentially cut a resident? For example, glass votive candle holders could easily break and cut someone. Leaving scissors used to prepare decorations on a table could also present a hazard for injury.

Memory Care Community with Hospice Care Accommodations in Encinitas

RanchView Senior Assisted Living in Encinitas, California, is a senior care community in Southern California. Our residents' holistic life experience (social, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) is vitally important. Our caregivers provide top-notch, individualized care to each of the members of our communities. Independent and assisted living offer a chance for seniors to experience the joy of community and activity while not having to worry about the daily grind and upkeep of home life.

Compassionate Memory Care in San Diego

At RanchView Senior Assisted Living (and at our sister locations:Harbor View Senior Assisted Living,Mesa View Senior Assisted Living, andBayView Senior Assisted Living), our compassionate, highly competent staff work hard to provide comprehensive care to each member of our memory care communities.

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